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LiVE~BoxinG Whyte vs Browne

Browne is not a natural. There’s a sort of clunkiness to his style, even at his best, even in his better wins over the likes of Ruslan Chagaev and Andriy Rudenko. Whyte moves more fluidly. Browne boxes like a 6’5” bouncer with some training under his belt. That’s not even meant as a knock — he’s made it work for himself, after all, and if he were truly incapable of boxing, he would have lost back in 2013 to James Toney.

When: Saturday, 24 March 2018
Arena, Greenwich, London, United Kingdom
Time:10pm ETTV: HBO, BoxNation (UK)Yeah, Toney was washed up, but Toney’s forgotten more about boxing technique than most fighters will ever learn. He’s good enough to get by, basically, and then comes the fact that he’s got serious power.Like Whyte, Browne has plenty of personality. He’s more a villain, perhaps, even compared to Whyte, who is not exactly a


stereotypical knight in shining armor himself. At 38, his time is now or never. He’s had issues with drug tests in the past, but nothing has actually affected his record — his “controversial” win over Chagaev is still a win in the record books, and he still took the WBA “world” title with that victory.He is a big enough puncher to trouble London’s Whyte who is a fitter, more disciplined technician since he lost a 2015 brawl with Joshua (his only defeat).Uncomplimentary words have been exchanged by Whyte and Browne in the build-up which could cause fireworks when the first bell rings.